In November 1835 Charles Darwin visited Tahiti aboard HMS Beagle on her circumnavigation, captained by Robert FitzRoy. He was impressed by what he perceived to be the positive influence the missionaries had had on the sobriety and moral character of the population. Darwin praised the scenery, but was not flattering towards Tahiti's Queen Pōmare IV. Captain Fitzroy negotiated payment of compensation for an attack on an English ship by Tahitians, which had taken place in 1833.[30]
In the 1790s, whalers began landing at Tahiti during their fishing expeditions in the southern hemisphere. The arrival of these whalers, who were subsequently joined by merchants coming from the penal colonies in Australia, marked the first major overturning of traditional Tahitian society. The crews introduced alcohol, arms and illnesses into the island, and encouraged prostitution, which brought with it venereal disease. These first exchanges with westerners had catastrophic consequences for the Tahitian population, which shrank rapidly, ravaged by diseases. So many Tahitians were killed by disease in fact that by 1797, the population was only 16,000. Later it was to drop as low as 6,000.[27]
The Viceroy of Peru, Manuel de Amat y Juniet, following the instructions of the Spanish Crown, organised an expedition to settle and colonise the island in 1772, largely to prevent other powers from gaining a base in the Pacific from which to attack the coast of Peru, but also to evangelise. He sent two expeditions under the command of navigator Domingo de Bonechea, the first in 1772, aboard Aguila. Four Tahitians, Pautu, Tipitipia, Heiao and Tetuanui, accompanied Bonechea on his return voyage to Peru in 1773.[11]:236–256,325

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In about 1790, the ambitious chief Tū took the title of king and gave himself the name Pōmare. Captain Bligh explains that this name was a homage to his eldest daughter Teriinavahoroa, who had died of tuberculosis, "an illness that made her cough (mare) a lot, especially at night (pō)". Thus he became Pōmare I, founding the Pōmare Dynasty and his lineage would be the first to unify Tahiti from 1788 to 1791. He and his descendants founded and expanded Tahitian influence to all of the lands that now constitute modern French Polynesia.
Continue your trip eastward and you’ll find Taha’a. The island is very small and surrounded by rock islands called “motu.” More than 80% of Tahitian vanilla is produced on Taha’a and the aroma of this rare and precious spice is carried on the breeze.  Taha’a shares a lagoon with an island farther south named Raiatea. It is the spiritual center of Polynesia and home to the most sacred marae (or stone temple) Taputapuatea, a recently named UNESCO World Heritage Site.  You will find some ceremonies performed here as well as the cloud-capped Mount Temehani, home to an endemic flower called “tiare apetahi.” Huahine is directly east of the northern tip of Raiatea. It is actually two islands connected by a bridge and surrounded by lagoons. There are eight villages located here but they are very small, and the rest of Huahine is largely untouched. Some call it Tahiti’s best-kept secret. Moorea is located between Huahine and Tahiti and is easily accessed from the island of Tahiti by a short ferry ride. There, you’ll find sharp peaks that rise into the sky, delicate waterfalls, ferns and a series of happy, pastel-colored villages that make you think of one of the Tahitian people’s favorite phrases, la vie heureuse, a happy life.

Tahiti really is the hub of all cultural activity. Every July, the annual Heiva I Tahiti transforms the island into a spectacular celebration of Polynesian culture and dance. Year round, you can also catch an authentic Tahitian dance show at the InterContinental Resort every Friday and Saturday night. Permanent historical fixtures include the house of James Norman Hall, Point Venus, the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands, the Paul Gauguin Museum, and the Harrison Smith Botanical Gardens. These can all be seen on a guided Circle Island Tour, or you can rent a car and explore the island at your leisure.

Within the framework of this treaty, France recognised the sovereignty of the Tahitian state. The Queen was responsible for internal affairs, while France would deal with foreign relations and assure the defence of Tahiti, as well as maintain order on the island. Once the treaty had been signed there began a struggle for influence between the English Protestants and the Catholic representatives of France. During the first years of the Protectorate, the Protestants managed to retain a considerable hold over Tahitian society, thanks to their knowledge of the country and its language. George Pritchard had been away at the time. He returned however to work towards indoctrinating the locals against the Roman Catholic French.
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Interestingly enough, there are no "official" all inclusive resorts in Bora Bora. And the term “all inclusive” is not common in French Polynesia. When we refer to an all inclusive Bora Bora package it usually means 3 meals daily. Normally it includes breakfast buffet, 2-course lunch and 3-course dinner. Beverages are usually extra. Certain days of the week a resort might offer themed buffet dinners. There could be supplemental charges for fine dining or for certain menu items (e.g. lobster).
This emigration, across several hundred kilometres of ocean, was made possible by using outrigger canoes that were up to twenty or thirty meters long and could transport families as well as domestic animals. In 1769, for instance, James Cook mentions a great traditional ship (va'a) in Tahiti that was 33 m (108 ft) long, and could be propelled by sail or paddles.[7] In 2010, an expedition on a simple outrigger canoe with a sail retraced the route back from Tahiti to Asia.[8]
Before the arrival of the Europeans the island was divided into different chiefdoms, very precise territories dominated by a single clan. These chiefdoms were linked to each other by allegiances based on the blood ties of their leaders and on their power in war. The most important clan on the island was the Teva,[9] whose territory extended from the peninsula in the south of Tahiti Nui. The Teva Clan was composed of the Teva i Uta (Teva of the Interior) and the Teva i Tai (Teva of the Sea), and was led by Amo and Purea.[10]

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This resort is a perfect place for a couples retreat that’s ideal for your honeymoon. Reinvent your romantic side and have an eco-friendly adventure full of romance and seclusion. It’s located on a beautiful coral islet and has an award-winning deep ocean spa. This is a great place to try water sports and experience fascinating cultural activities. Experience fine dining at the Reef Restaurant, a beautiful outdoor scene at South Beach Bar. Other dining and cocktail options are Bubbles Bar, Sands Bar and Restaurant, and Le Corail Restaurant. For your honeymoon room, try to book the Diamond suite at the end of the pier bungalow.
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The Islands of Tahiti are a sanctuary that serve as the perfect canvas for personal discovery and reconnecting with the beauty of raw nature. Tahiti and the Tahitian Islands are the ideal background for cosmopolitan and confident travelers seeking authentic experiences — a destination, not a location — and The Islands of Tahiti deliver on all counts.
The heart and soul of the South Pacific, Tahiti is the largest in a chain of islands that make up French Polynesia. The name can either refer to the main island or the entire destination. Commonly referred to as The Islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia is a collection of 118 islands and atolls scattered across an impressive nautical surface area the size of Western Europe. Still, these tiny islands—many of which remain uninhabited—make up a total landmass of only 1,600 square miles (4,100 sq. km).
In 1827, the young Pōmare III suddenly died, and it was his half-sister, 'Aimata, aged thirteen, who took the title of Pōmare IV. The Birmingham born missionary George Pritchard, who was the acting British consul, became her main adviser and tried to interest her in the affairs of the kingdom. But the authority of the Queen, who was certainly less charismatic than her father, was challenged by the chiefs, who had won back an important part of their prerogatives since the death of Pōmare II. The power of the Pōmare had become more symbolic than real, time and time again Queen Pōmare, Protestant and anglophile, sought in vain the protection of England.[9]
High mountains and dramatic scenery set the stage for this ultra-romantic paradise honeymoon destination. Highlights of this honeymoon include hiking Mount Pahia, scuba diving, Teavanui Pass, Marotetini royal Marae, and the beautiful lagoon. Bora Bora is known as the Pearl of the Pacific, and there are many amazing hotels and resorts to choose from to make your stay comfortable and luxurious.
Beyond the city atmosphere, Tahiti is also a scenic island with lush landscapes and large abounding waterfalls. Leave the more developed areas behind and you will find shady hiking trails, pleasant beaches and calm waters. This unique juxtaposition makes Tahiti one of the most diverse islands in French Polynesia. We recommend exploring these interior peaks and valleys on a guided hike or Jeep Safari tour.
According to tradition, the original Tahitians were Polynesians who arrived from another of the Society Islands, Raiatea, a Polynesian cultural diffusion centre. On Tahiti they developed political districts, closely connected with a graded system of rank and authority that rested on the extended family organized around each temple. The high chiefs (arii nui) exercised considerable authority, supported by supernatural sanctions and a priesthood, but their relationship with lesser chiefs and people was reciprocal. This society disappeared under European influence, and intermarriage and the French policy of assimilation produced a people basically Polynesian, though with much admixture of other ethnicities (chiefly French and Chinese) and deeply influenced by French culture. More than two-thirds of the population of French Polynesia lives on Tahiti.
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