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New Rules for Coaching Centers issued by the Ministry Of Education

On 19 Jan 2024, altered and added new guidelines for Coaching centers in Bharat. This move was initiated for numerous reasons. The authorities implemented and reinforced the New Rules for Coaching Centers within a day.. Cases where students commit suicide due to the high pressure of studies. This pressure mainly comes from the fear of failure due to the costly coaching fee. Operators within the coaching centers charge high amounts of money and yet do malpractice. Students in response when are not able to cope take their own lives in dangerous settings in classes. In some centers, there have been fire incidents including a lack of proper materials in the coaching centers. In this article, you’ll learn about the rules and their regulations.

New Rules for Coaching Centers

In response to misleading information and actions initiated by coaching centers, authorities implemented these rules and regulations.. According to the new guidelines for Coaching Centers, no child under the age of 16 will get admission to any coaching center. The main reason behind this was that at such a young age, it will affect their mental health. The Ministry Of Education also gave clear orders that no center will attempt to give estimated ranks to students for competitive exams. Any institution that violates these regulations will face penalties and will be required to pay a fine of 1 lakh..

List of New Rules for Coaching Centers

Below are the rules that any institution whatever exams they are preparing for will have to follow.


  • No tutor is allowed to teach without a Graduation qualification.
  • During school hours, coaching is prohibited.
  • The websites of these Coaching centers should be transparent about their tutor’s qualifications, fees, policies, and courses.
  • Coaching centers will be fined if cases of misleading claims or malpractices are encountered.
  • Exaggeration of coaching results is prohibited.
  • Under 16 aged students cannot be taken.
  • Guarantees of ranks and or marks are strictly prohibited.


Coaching centers charging huge amounts of money create pressure on students as they will have to succeed to make sure their parents do not waste their money.  Many students enrolled come from middle and lower-class families. They can’t afford to pay such high fees so they sell properties or take loans which puts their children under more pressure. When they fail to manage it, they commit suicide. Therefore below are the guidelines set.

  • Provide receipts that include everything being charged for.
  • If the coaching center has hostels then the staying, and mess rates should be rebateable.
  • Clear refunds within 10 days according to the deposited fees..
  • A student can ask for a refund if he/she leaves and must be given.
  • Fees should be cost-friendly for different courses.

Infrastructure requirements

These were enforced to avoid instances where students are living in congested and poor conditions. Also to avoid fire incidents that caught attention.

New Rules for Coaching Centers

Below is the set of guidelines.

  • Install and monitor CCTV cameras while prioritizing safety.
  • Absolutely clean drinking water should be provided for everyone.
  • Bright rooms plus ventilated and electricity are a must.
  • Info should displayed about emergency services like the hospital.
  • First aid and medical help should be available to all students.
  • The building must meet safety codes regarding fire and building safety.
  • Infrastructure should suffice the number of students enrolled.
  • Each student should be allotted 1 square meter of space.

Weekly Off

Implemented this guideline long ago, as the continuous study routine exhausts many students. Others also fall sick and continue to study in ill conditions. This affects their mental health as well. Below are the guidelines regarding weekly offs.

  • Coaching centers should affect a student’s school routine.
  • No exams after the weekly off.
  • No coaching centers will have students during important festivals.


Coaching centers prohibit long hours. As students have schools to attend to. Plus their school work and attendance are a priority as well. Therefore the government has restricted long hours. Below are the guidelines for the timing.

  • Maximum coaching hours can be 5 hours a day.
  • Classes should not be too early or too late.
  • Educators should provide students with information about fields other than the one they are currently pursuing.

Mental Health

This guideline is self-explanatory as the majority of suicides take place due to poor mental health. The government has made it compulsory for coaching centers to set up workshops and mental healthcare classes. Educators should raise awareness among students and their families about mental health. Counselors should provide students, as well as parents, with guidance on mental health, making them aware of its impact on their children, especially considering the stress of studies.

Assessment results

Putting assessment results live on websites creates a fear of embarrassment in students.. This fear in their minds is about what their relatives and friends will say. This is an unnecessary pressure as some students take it very seriously. Below are the guidelines regarding this.

  • Conduct coaching only at a registered location, and obtain approval for any shift.
  • Counselors and psychologists should availed to students for mental support.
  • Students who are performing well should receive counseling as the new guidelines.
  • The institution will keep assessment results private.

Violation of government guidelines will put a fine on coaching institutes

The government has imposed fines on the institutes violating New Rules for Coaching Centers and their guidelines. Again still the coaching centers continue to perform at this level then there will be severe consequences. Below are the guidelines regarding this

  • If the coaching center violates any of the stated guidelines for the first time, the fine would be Rs 25,000.
  • Again if it happens, then the fine would be Rs 1 lakh.
  • If the Coaching center violates the rules for the third time, authorities will cancel its registration.


we have attached pdf of Rules And Regulations. Anyone can access this file and can get the whole and detailed information from the pdf. Students and coaching centers can download it from the direct link attached below:


Lastly, these above were the New Rules for Coaching Centers introduced by the government to reduce the number of suicides. To reduce the number of incidents in centers. The government initiated a very good move, and the people will highly appreciate it.. This move promotes awareness about mental health that missing in our country. If you are suffering from mental health, please contact your closest counselor or psychologist.






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