More Space: The 5-door version will have, well, 5 doors! This means more passenger space and easier access for everyone, especially those in the back.


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Bigger Touchscreen: Imagine a fancy phone screen in the middle, but bigger! This one might be 10.25 inches, making it easier to control music, maps, and other features.

Sunroof: Let the sunshine in! This sunroof will likely be on the roof, opening up the cabin and making it feel more airy.

Rear Disc Brakes: These brakes help stop the car smoother, especially when loaded with passengers or cargo.

Digital Driver Display: This replaces the traditional dials with a fancy screen showing speed, fuel, and other info in a cool, modern way.

Electric Fuel Lid Opener: No more fumbling for keys! This button will open the fuel lid electronically, making refueling a breeze.

More Safety Features: Expect things like a reversing camera and front parking sensors to help you avoid bumps and dings. Other safety features like airbags and stability control might also be improved.

Creature Comforts: Think comfy seats, automatic climate control, and maybe even a cooled glove box to keep your drinks chilled!