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Abu Dhabi BAPS Hindu Mandir Inauguration Information

BAPS Hindu Mandir, Abu Dhabi

Bharat’s success and advancements have now become a global topic. Some of the big personalities like Jeff Bezos himself have said that the 21st century is going to be the Indian Century. The recently built Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir is among those hot topics and successes for India’s global tradition presence.

Who got the temple built? Who laid its first foundation? What is its significance? What role does it play for Bharat and UAE? How is it special and different from the other temples built? What are the controversies involved? Let’s dive deep into these questions.

BAPS Hindu Mandir Beginning Point

In 1958, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed al Maktoum ordered the first-ever Hindu temple to be built in Dubai. Precisely it was built on the first floor of top dense shops in Bur Dubai. The shopping centre is known as Bur Dubai Old Souk located in the west of Dubai.

The space was so small that it could barely accommodate 15 people and the Hindu population had problems during festival gatherings. However times have changed now, and Bharat’s connections with Dubai are at a commendable level. Only one and only one person is to be given credit for this and that is Honourable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi.

After becoming Prime Minister in 2014, his visit to Dubai in 2015 resulted in a meeting with Dubai’s Crown Prince. This resulted in allocating 17 acres of land to build the mandir. This Mandir is conceptualized to be the Biggest Hindu temple in the west of Asia.

BAPS Hindu Mandir Location & Budget

Aptly this mandir is situated near Guru Nanak Darbar in Abu Dhabi. It’s being constructed at a financial blueprint of Rs 700 crores funded by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. Proudly BAPS has a reputation globally for building 1100 mandirs in and out of Bharat including the one in New Jersey called the Akshardham Mandir. As usual, donations were collected through a website by BAPS for the construction of the enormous structure.

BAPS Logo Photo

BAPS Hindu Mandir Design & Structure

Mandir’s construction commenced in 2017 with Mr.Narendra Modi laying its first foundation stone.

The gigantic building requires 40,000 cubic meters of marble along with 1,80,000 cubic centers of sandstones and over 1.8 million bricks. As of now 4 lakh labour hours have been put in and more hours are required still.

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Abu Dhabi‘s Mandir will be the first stone Hindu temple with a height of 108 feet. Designs were picked according to Vedic Architecture to bring a sense of tradition and belonging. Global artisan collaboration was initiated by skilled artisans from India to build statues and carvings. These structures done by Indian Sculptors were then shipped to Abu Dhabi. The whole of the mandir consists of 7 stanchions, each representing the 7 emirates of UAE. This was done to encourage, instill, and promote cultural diversity in the UAE.

BAPS Hindu Mandir Photo

BAPS is leading the construction of its splendid traditions and rituals. More than half a hundred thousand people have laid bricks in the temple’s construction including the Minister of External Affairs Dr Jai Shankar and actors Sanjay Dutt along with Akshay Kumar.


A peek inside Abu Dhabi BAPS Hindu Mandir & Inauguration

Alongside religious activities taking place, the temple’s complete structure will host classrooms, exhibition centers and play areas for kids. It’s been designed to host multiple activities with spacious rooms. This BAPS Hindu mandir is neither a tourist attraction spot nor it is just a religious site, it’s a symbol of cultural diversity and the rich cultural amalgams of UAE.

Abu Dhabi Mandir

The inauguration of the mandir is slated to be on Feb 14, 2024 and its event goes by the name ‘Ahlan Modi’. Where Mr. Narendra Modi will address a gigantic gathering of Indian community members In Abu Dhabi just a day before the mandir’s inauguration on 14 Feb, the inauguration event will take place under the befitting name ‘Festival of Harmony’ to symbolize unity and communal commemorations.

While Mr.Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate the BAPS Hindu Mandir, he is going to commemorate the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya on Ramotsav slated on 22 January.


  1. BAPS Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir Reviews

  • Excellent arrangement for Shilan Puja
  • Beautiful Temple to spread the message of Peace and Harmony
  • Such positive vibes
  • very divine place

2)BAPS Abu Dhabi opening date

  • 14 Feb 2024 Ahlan Modi Event. On this, the opening inauguration will take place

3) BAPS Abu Dhabi timings

  • The brick poojan can only done on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. The opening ceremony is on 14th Feb

4) BAPS Abu Dhabi Mandir completion date

  • It is nearly completed and it’s on its way to opening.

5) BAPS Abu Dhabi Mandir Location

  • P-6 Abu Dhabi, Dubai ,Al –Rahba , near Guru Nanak Darbar

6) BAPS Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir Founder

  • Pramukh Swami Maharaj

7) What is BAPS?

  • This stands for Bochanswasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha. It was formed in 1905 by Yagnapurushdas. This is a spiritual organization that indulges in the betterment of society through Hindu Scriptures, practices, and traditions. It has built over 1000 temples globally.




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