Anil Kapoor Takes the Bigg Boss OTT Stage by Storm: A Khaas Season Ahead!

Well, well, well, it looks like Anil Kapoor is set to bring his unique charm to the Bigg Boss OTT stage, replacing Salman Khan as the host for the show’s third season. The announcement has sparked quite a buzz among fans, with reactions ranging from excitement to nostalgia for the previous hosts.

The news first broke on May 31, 2024, with various media outlets reporting on the change in host. The official announcement came from JioCinema, who shared a promo featuring Anil Kapoor in a stylish silhouette, whistling and saying, “Kursi manga re…” The promo also included a voiceover stating, “Kuch karte hai na jhakaas,” to which Anil Kapoor replied, “Bahaut hogaya re jhakaas, karte hain na kuch aur khaas.”

The decision to replace Salman Khan with Anil Kapoor seems to have been well-received by many fans, who are eager to see what the veteran actor will bring to the show. Sonam Kapoor, Anil’s daughter, also expressed her excitement and admiration for her father’s new role on Instagram.

As for the show itself, Bigg Boss OTT 3 is set to premiere in June 2024, with reports suggesting that popular stars like Shivangi Joshi and Shafaq Naaz are being considered for the house. The show’s format remains the same, with contestants living together in a house and facing various challenges, all under the watchful eye of the host and the audience.

So, it seems that Anil Kapoor is ready to take the Bigg Boss OTT stage by storm, bringing his own brand of humor and style to the show. As for the audience, they’ll just have to wait and see if he can live up to the expectations set by his predecessors. One thing’s for sure, though – it’s going to be a “khaas” season!

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