Madness Machayenge Cast, Start Date, Contestants, And Judges…

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Get ready for a wild ride of laughter when Madness Machayenge, a brand new comedy reality show, is scheduled to premiere only on Sony TV. The Madness Machayenge cast promises to be a fun ensemble that brings together an array of experienced entertainers and new talent. Judging by the ebullient Huma Qureshi as well as the stand-up Comedian Harsh Gujral The show is set to be a fun addition to the lineup of Sony TV. Be ready and know more about the Madness Machayenge Cast, Start Date, Contestants, And Judges…

Madness Machayenge Cast and Contestants

Let’s look closer at Madness Machayenge cast with a wide range of comedians who are ready to delight your funny bone.

  • Huma Qureshi A talented Bollywood actress is a delight to watch and brings her charm and wit to judges’ panel, providing her unique insight to the contestants.
  • Harsh Gujral: Famous for his stand-up humor, Harsh Gujral is not just a judge but also a mentor who guides participants through their comedy journey.
  • Ankita Shrivastav: With her infectious enthusiasm, Ankita is set to draw attention to her comedy skills.
  • Gaurav Dubey His comic flair and plethora of talents make him outstanding in the Madness Machayenge team.
  • Kettan Singh A seasoned comic, Kettan will show off his comedy and add to the fun-filled ambiance.
  • Paritosh R Tripathi With his distinctive style to the stage, Paritosh is sure to add some wit to the shows.
  • Snehil Mehra The comedic talent of Snehil will keep the crowd in a frenzy which makes him an outstanding actor in Madness Machayenge.
  • Inder Sahani In his zany ability, Inder is all set to leave an impression on the judges as well as the viewers.
  • Shreya Bugde: A funny and talented actress, Shreya adds her style of humor to the Madness Machayenge team.

Madness Machayenge Start Date

Don’t miss out on the hilarious comedy! Madness Machayenge Start Date is 09 March at 9:30 pm. Madness Machayenge will be broadcast every Saturday and Sunday only on Sony TV. You can tune in for a hilarious Saturday by the Madness Machayenge cast and let the hilarious chaos begin.

Madness Machayenge judges

The judges of the Madness Machayenge are not a different pair of judges: Huma Qureshi, and Harsh Gujral They bring their unique insight and knowledge into the competition. The judges’ keen eyes will examine each performance to ensure that only the most impressive and funniest performers win.

Plot Overview

Madness Machayenge isn’t simply an ordinary reality show, it’s a hilarious battleground where participants are required to unleash their wit and make the audience shiver. The show includes a range of humor, such as comedy routines, improvised acts, and funny skits.

Be prepared to enjoy a weekend of comedy, camaraderie and memorable performances by the Madness Machayenge team.

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