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Explore an era of laughs by joining Harsh Gujral for 2024! This article reviews the Harsh Gujral upcoming Shows list, Locations, Ticket prices in 2024… From hilarious stand-up comedy to memorable moments, find the best places to see Harsh Gujral Show in person and prepare yourself for a dose of comedy brilliance. If you’re a devoted new or avid fan keep an eye on the top events to catch that promise of a night of laughter and fun.

Who is Harsh Gujral

Harsh Gujral is an Indian stand-up comedian who is quickly getting noticed. Born in Kanpur He can bring his unique experience and observations through his stand-up Comedy. He is known for his relatable comedy that often draws on everyday experiences and even from his life. Through Harsh Gujral’s “Dabangg” (fearless) attitude and powerful stage presence, Harsh Gujral will surely keep you laughing.

Harsh Gujral upcoming shows List in India:

Harsh Gujral Show will be coming to cities across India! Be prepared to be swept over with laughter when Harsh Gujral brings an incisive wit, sharp humor, and humorous remarks to the stage next to you.

DateLOCATIONTimingTicket Prices
08 March 2024The Laugh Store, Vegas Mall, Delhi08:00 PMRs. 799
Rs. 999
10 March 2024MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield, Bengaluru03:00 PMRs. 1499
Rs. 1999
15 March 2024The Laugh Store, Vegas Mall, Delhi08:00 PMRs. 799
Rs. 999
16 March 2024HK Hall, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad09:00 PMRs. 799
Rs. 999
Rs. 1499
17 March 2024Jaypee Atlantic–The Club
Integrated Sports Complex, Greater Noida
04:00 PMRs. 799
19 March 2024Pan Classic Hotel, Bhatinda07:30 PMRs. 999
Rs. 1299
Rs. 1499
Rs. 1799
22 March 2024Indra Gandhi Kala Kendra Auditorium, Noida07:30 PMRs. 799
Rs. 899
Rs. 1499
21 April 2024GD Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata07:00 PMRs. 799
Rs. 999
Rs. 1499
Rs. 1999

Harsh Gujral Show in Foreign Countries:

International fans! Prepare yourself for a good laugh as Harsh Gujral sets off on his tour of foreign countries. Be prepared for hilarious side-splitting gags and get ready to experience the comic talent from this rising talent outside Indian boundaries.

DateLOCATIONTimingTicket Prices
29 March 2024Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto08:00 PM$28.50 to $107.35
30 March 2024Massey Theatre, Vancouver08:00 PM$28.50 to $107.35
31 March 2024Humanities Theatre, Kitchener08:00 PM$38 to $113
04 April 2024Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa08:00 PM$33 to $101
05 April 2024Myer Horowitz Theatre08:00 PM$30 to $100
06 April 2024Bella Concert Hall08:00 PM$31 to $115
07 April 2024Jubilee Place Theatre, Winnipeg08:00 PM$39 to $84

Harsh Gujral show tickets Prices

Harsh Gujral shows ticket prices could be different based on various variables. In India, the tickets are typically priced between Rs799 and Rs1999 depending on things like the venue and the quality of the seats, the time for the event (weekend shows are usually more expensive), and the overall demand. In other nations, prices are more likely to begin at around $25 and may go up until $155, or equivalent to between Rs2000 and Rs12400 (based on an assumption at the rate of 80 INR for USD). This demonstrates how elements like economic and market circumstances can play an integral influence on event ticket prices throughout the world.

Harsh Gujral Upcoming Show Updates

Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure with Harsh Gujral Show! As the excitement builds be sure to follow us for the most up-to-date information regarding Harsh Gujral’s performances. We will keep you updated and entertained by the latest developments. Don’t be left out of the fun! Stay tuned for updates on Harsh Gujral’s shows coming up!

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