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Amit Shah gave a statement, CAA will be implemented before the Lok Sabha Elections

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Union Minister Amit Shah made an official announcement that the Implementation of the CAA will be notified Before the Date of Lok Sabha Elections as an “act of the country” Further he clarified that the Act is to give citizenship to the people and not to take anyone’s citizenship.

The Citizen Amendment Act Should not create any misunderstanding among the Minorities of our country, especially our Muslim Brothers and sisters. Amit Shah in a speech at ET Now-Global Business Summit, Delhi Stated That The CAA Act cannot Snatch away anyone’s Citizenship instead it will provide Citizenship to the people who migrated from Bangladesh and Pakistan(Refugees).

Union Home Minister raised questions on the previous government regarding CAA

Union Home Minister also questions the previous Congress Government for backtracking the implementation of the Citizen Amendment Act in the country. This time the main Agenda of the BJP Lok Sabha Elections is to Ensure the Implementation process of the “Citizen Amendment Act”

 He brought light to the fake promise made by the Congress Government to provide Indian Citizenship to the minorities who came to India As Refugees.

What Is the Citizenship Amendment Act?

The CAA known as the Citizenship Amendment Act primarily introduced by Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This act aims at giving Indian citizenship to Non-Muslim Minorities including Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists Christians, and Jains who were persecuted in other Countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan who came to India Till 31 December 2014. The act does not Provide Citizenship to Muslims that’s why the implementation of this act led to massive protests in the Country.

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