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Greater Noida to Enter Sister City Agreement with US Loudoun County

Bharat is creating new milestones all the time and the Greater Noida Sister city or twin city agreement with US Loudoun County is one of them. Through agreement, Greater Noida stands a chance to become Bharat’s top cities in India with better infrastructure and technology exchange in different fields

What is a Sister City Agreement?

This is a agreement between 2 localities, towns, cities, or countries for the sole purpose of enhancing cultural and economic activities. The agreement makes it possible for both entities to grow their area with more employment opportunities, with exchange of educational, business, cultural, biotech, agricultural, pharmaceutical, IT & educational aspects.

Greater Noida to enter Sister City agreement

Loudoun County’s front men visited Greater Noida on Tuesday and the American delegation led by Buddy Rizer, executive director of the Department of Economic Development of Loudoun County City Virginia met with Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) CEO N G Ravi Kumar and Additional CEO Medha Rupam. In the organized meeting, the 2 parties finalized the conditions of the agreement in which both sides made their proposals in a draft agreement yet to be ratified by the government.

meeting noida loudon for Sister City Agreement

The County officials were briefed on Greater Noida’s transport including roads, educational institutions, data center facilities, and the upcoming multi-modal transport. CEO NG Ravi Kumar pledged promising efforts from Greater Noida towards the Sister City agreement to Loudoun County officials.

Sister City Agreement meeting greater Noida USA county

GNIDA Tweet on Agreement

Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) official twitter account has shared some pictures from the sister city agreement meeting.

Existing Sister City Agreements

The Central government has been engaging in Sister City agreements since 2014. According to official records, the first-ever agreement was signed between Varanasi with Kathmandu and Ayodhya with Janakpur, Nepal. Then again in 2017, Agra with Chengdu, China, and Lucknow with Wenzhou, China 2017 signed a Sister City agreement. Agra got into an agreement with Petra, and Jordan in 2018.

Result of the Sister City Agreement of Varanasi and Kathmandu

The two cities had an agreement about traveling between the 2 countries. It made it easier for systematic buses to travel on predefined routes. To make tourism and regular travel more convenient for people, Sister City Agreement signed between the 2 countries. This increased revenue from tourism in both countries promoting peace among people.

Bharat helped Nepal build a police academy on 25 hectares of land and funded 550 crore rupees for the construction. India trains 350 Nepalese officers every year and upon completion, the number will be increased to 410. This was done to ensure that Nepal has well-trained officers in the region to maintain law and order.

The 2 countries also tried to improve the practice of traditional medicine by qualified practitioners working in both countries to cope with and learn from each other. Notably the aim was to help each other in medical practices. Nepal gave scholarships for studying traditional medicine in big institutions.

So these were significant changes that we saw in one of the previous Sister city agreements in Bharat. We are hoping to see the same in Greater Noida and Loudoun County agreement.

What can we expect?

Guessing the outcome of an agreement can be tough at times but in this case scenario, we can estimate. Usually, if the agreement is between 2 countries, it becomes easy for both to get a visa with as few complications as possible. Students going to Loudoun County will get scholarships meaning more opportunities for the youth. At the same time, Universities in Loudoun will hire professors from Bharat paving the way for better economic activities.

If constructions begin to better the infrastructure, we can expect more employment opportunities as well as in MNCs. We can expect higher salaries and a better living standard. Bharat will increase its export and companies involved will stand a chance to benefit from it. The exports will include spices, medicines, and lentils that are not easily available in Loudoun County. From a multicultural perspective, Greater Noida will welcome Western traditions just the same way Loudoun County will enjoy Bharat’s colorful culture.

There will be significant positive changes in the infrastructure, employment, business activities and employment.


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